Integrated Human Capital Consulting was founded by Angela Alper to provide straightforward solutions to complex problems in a way that is realistic for your organization and integrated with all of the other solutions being implemented across the organization at the same time.  

Having served as an HR Leader across multiple disciplines, Angela knows the value of having an extra member on your team to deliver:
•    Knowledge, experience and the capacity to get it done.
•    A fresh perspective to solve old challenges.
•    A solution that is right-sized for the issue at hand.

Having been a leader in and consultant to various Fortune 500 organizations, Angela understands the pressures to deliver sustainable solutions on time and on budget.  She is also sensitive to the political implications of any initiative and the need to manage expectations, enlist stakeholder support and ensure success. 

Angela Alper - Principal and Founder

Angela is an accomplished business leader, consultant and facilitator with broad expertise in change management and other Human Capital challenges.  With proven results in enterprise-wide change management, talent strategy, organizational design and HR transformation, Angela helps companies elevate performance and enable transformation.  She specializes in organizational change, communication, talent management and process improvement with a focus on ways to maximize the impact to the business, the employees and the HR practice.  Her goal is to create solutions that are innovative, pragmatic, data-driven and effectively integrated within the broader organization.  

Born out of real world experience with successful Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and the government sector, Angela has a pragmatic perspective and a keen eye for “right-sizing” a solution.  With corporate experience leading the functions of Change Management, Talent Management, and Talent Acquisition combined with roles focused on delivering HR Business Partner services, Employee Relations, Leadership Coaching, Facilitation and Operations, she understands what it’s like to live with the solutions created and the need to properly position those solutions.  As a consultant working with managers at the Director level and above, she is sensitive to the political implications of any initiative and the need to manage expectations and ensure success.  She consistently creates and executes strategic initiatives that are on target, stakeholder supported and sustained across the organization.  

Angela’s credentials include:
➢    Prosci Change Management Certification
➢    Senior Certified Professional Designation from SHRM
➢    Senior Professional HR Designation from HRCI
➢    BA in Communication from Mississippi State University
➢    MA in Organizational Communication from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
➢    Certified Leadership Coach
➢    Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Facilitator